Liesl McConchie delivers trainings that are highly engaging, interactive, evidence-based, and carefully customized to meet the diverse needs of the learners your teachers serve.

Liesl models every principle and strategy she teaches so educators can see and experience what it is like to be in a learning environment built on principles of effective teaching and learning. Drawing upon her experience working with all ages – from early elementary to university students – Liesl shares examples and stories relevant for all audiences.

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Brain-Compatible Learning

How learning actually happens in the brain and how teachers can design instruction to match the natural learning process.

Balancing the Equity Equation in math

How to ensure ALL students have the cognitive, emotional, and social supports to “fit in” a math community.

3-Part cure to "math is boring"

How the science of motivation can inform secondary math teachers to fight off student boredom.

You have been the single greatest influence in my teaching career and helped me become so much more effective as a teacher! You are the greatest role model for me in teaching. You practice what you preach, in the most authentic way. You have inspired me to be the best teacher I can ever be. THANK YOU!
Kaare R.
Liesl McConchie provides the direct opposite of a “sit-and-get” presentation. Our whole faculty was engaged, responsive, comfortable, energetic, and inspired by the tools and techniques presented in our 7-hour presentation!
Cathy P.
You need to attend Liesl’s training not only to understand how the brain learns but to impact and change your life both professionally and personally.