Balancing the equity equation in math

Equity in mathematics begins with ensuring ALL students have the cognitive, emotional, and social supports to “fit in” a math community.

Students who do not feel part of the “in” group struggle more in math class than others. Why? Feel excluded releases cortisol in the brain and creates higher levels of stress. This chronic stress is at the root of the academic and behavior gaps we see in marginalized groups of math students.

This workshop answers the question, “How do we balance the equity equation in math classrooms?” This highly relevant and engaging workshop will transform your secondary math teaching staff as they learn the most critical needs that create an equitable math community. 

There are specific, scientific tools teachers can use to redraw the boundaries of who can be successful in math class. Becoming a culturally responsive math teacher begins by shifting our perspective to what the student needs to feel they belong.  

In this workshop, secondary math teachers will learn the evidence-based factors that determine whether students feel part of the “in” group. This is not about being popular. This is about feeling included in the typical picture of mathematical success. 

Everyone, whether they are in education field or not, should attend this workshop. It transforms yourself to a better, positive, motivated one. By that, everyone around you will benefit from it. It will change the world.
Hiyori M.
I would highly recommend this training. You get so many immediate takeaways. You get energized and motivated. Liesl is an amazing speaker with a wealth of knowledge.
Cheryl G.
Your training was not only informational, but engaging, creative, and inspiring. Your style of presenting modeled the interventions you are recommending. I am leaving empowered and hopeful from your training. Thank you!
Cristal R.