Brain-Compatible Learning

Every teacher needs a basic understanding of how learning happens in the brain, and what factors influence that process. 

In this highly engaging workshop designed for teachers of ALL subjects, K-12, Liesl shares the most relevant information about how the brain actually learns. This ground-breaking knowledge is combined with countless strategies your teachers can begin implementing immediately to get tangible results. With the knowledge gained from this workshop, teachers will have the tools to:

  • Increase student motivation based on the brain’s natural motivation systems (rather than pizza parties or other short-lived tricks)
  • Improve student attention capacity, in both time on task and quantity of information students can process
  • Reduce behavior problems by understanding the role emotions play in learning
  • Recognize how unconscious biases impact student learning and teacher’s teaching, and why they must be addressed and reduced
  • Make learning stick (rather than be forgotten and retaught) with up-to-date knowledge on how memories are formed, solidified, and retrieved by the brain’s memory systems
  • Improve student learning, behavior, and self-regulation with an in-depth understanding of the critical role of physical activity in learning

The reality that most teachers don’t have a basic understanding of the brain and how it operates, is more than concerning. We are on a mission to change that. Teachers need to know the impact emotions play in the learning process and why they must be attended to FIRST so learning can happen. All teachers need to understand what motivates a learner to show up, pay attention, stay on task, and actually want to learn.

It’s not rocket science – but it is brain science. And Liesl can break it down to its most simple form so all teachers can understand how to apply the fundamental principles of brain-compatible learning to their everyday teaching. Your staff will leave energized, informed, and motivated to align their teaching with the brain’s natural learning systems.

Chances are you don’t need a new program or initiative to boost student achievement in your school. Begin with ensuring all teachers at your school understand and embody the fundamental principles of brain-compatible learning. The amount of new research and discoveries will have even the most veteran teacher in awe. Watch out – you won’t believe how engaging neuroscience can be!

This workshop makes me so excited to implement brain-based strategies with my students and my own children. Thank you for making it all make sense to my teachers and staff. You have an incredible gift. Thank you for sharing it with us.
Assistant Principal​
You will walk away informed, educated, enthusiastic, and very excited to implement the strategies you learn and you will want to learn even more about brain-based learning in the future!
I have gained knowledge of how students, and my own brain, really works and how this means everything! I’ve learned how to build and maintain students' motivation, how to maintain their attention, and how you can really be sure they've gained any learning. Once again, I can say in a loud voice that I am proud to have chosen to become a teacher!