Movement Matters

Physical activity improves cognition, health, and emotional regulation.
Learn how Liesl is working with schools to incorporate
more movement into students' day.

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Liesl McConchie bases her teacher training on a deep understanding of the underlying, research-based principles of really good teaching.

Teachers in her course will learn about them, and they will at the same time experience hands on an extended catalogue of strategies, ready to implement directly into their own classrooms – tightly related to and aiming to achieve those overarching principles.

As a teacher, I have been in Liesl’s teacher training several times and in my current position as a leader of pedagogy, I am working with Liesl to accomplish 3 weeks of training each year for all the teachers at the school as a platform for pedagogical development.

Gitte Glöde, Administrator

It's time to teach with the brain in mind!