3-Part cure to "math is boring!"

Boredom is one of the biggest threats to student learning. How to avoid it in every math lesson is a life-changing skill every teacher needs to learn.

If you have ever witnessed painful secondary math student boredom, this workshop is a must. Teaching math to middle and high school students is not an easy task and requires far more than the same worn out “tricks” to motivate students. This interactive, and highly-engaging workshop addresses the needs and solutions for sustainable motivation that lasts all year long.

What most educators don’t know is that the brain is naturally wired with several universal motivators. The guessing game of “How can I motivate these teens/tweens to learn math?” is officially over! Tap into one of these natural motivators and even the most apathetic math students will be taking action.

In addition to these universal motivators, there are several biological drivers that are unique to adolescents and motivate them at the secondary school level. Knowing what they are and how to connect to them is a vital skill for secondary math teachers. This workshop unfolds these drivers as Liesl shares dozens of specific examples of how math teachers can utilize these drivers at all levels of secondary math.

In short, this workshop addresses one of the brain’s most critical needs when it comes to being ready to learn – the learner’s state. A student in an unmotivated state (boredom, fear, anxiety, etc.) will continue to struggle and underachieve. On the other hand, students in a motivated state (we’ll break down 7 of them) will produce incredible results. This fundamental shift in teacher thinking – toward the learner’s state – is likely the secret to alleviating most of the frustration around math achievement at your school.

Liesl was a breath of fresh air. She didn’t talk at us, rather she modeled what she was teaching and gave us a chance to practice it. I loved the time to ask questions and talk about how to apply. I feel motivated to start my year right.​
Lana C.
It was the best training I have ever been to. The training was very research-based with plenty of application ideas. Liesl, you are a gifted presenter. Thank you so much for all you shared today.
Stacey C.
I think everyone should attend this. It was an eye opener. I learned so much. I can’t wait to try them out with my students.
Cheryl S.