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Welcome to my ever-growing collection of FREE resources. Understanding HOW learning happens in the brain (and what factors influence learning) makes teaching and learning more joyful, meaningful, and lasting. 

With one click, you will gain access to all of these free resources. Consider it free professional development that lasts just a few minutes to read. As a bonus, I will keep you in the loop when I have new resources to share.

ALL Students Can Learn Math (e-book)

All students can learn math! But they aren’t. We cannot continue to preach that all students can learn math when we teach in a way that makes learning math inaccessible to so many. This e-book outlines the 7 non-conscious needs of every math learner to be successful in a math classroom.

10 Retrieval Activities to Boost Student Learning & Retention

One of the more frustrating experiences of being a teacher is witnessing the reoccurring tragedy of “forgetting” play out right before your eyes. Upgrading the traditional math warm-up to be more focused on retrieval exercises is a simple way to alleviate the stressors of forgetting.

7 Powerful Tools to Boost Motivation in Secondary Math Students

Sometimes teaching math to your middle or high school students feels like pulling teeth. You push, pull, twist, bend, do a cartwheel, whatever – and they still don’t budge. Instead of pushing, pulling, bribing and threatening to get students to do things in your math class, you’ll find tremendous success (and relief) by tapping into the brain’s natural motivation systems.

7 Strategies to Boost Motivation in K-8 Math Learners

Have you ever had that experience where students groan out loud when they discover it is time for math? These early years are marked by brain developments that come with unique motivational drivers. Check out these 7 tools to take your math instruction from mundane to motivating!

How to Use Music to Boost Student Learning

Do you have students who walk into class practically sleep-walking? Do you work with students who struggle to stay focused on a task? Do you try to keep students active during class, but they move at a pace that even a snail would balk at? Music can be a powerful tool to remedy all of these situations.

Crack the Code – Everything You Need to Know About Effect Size

In your classroom, you only want to be spending your precious (and limited) time on things that will actually make a difference for your students. Otherwise, you’re just wasting your time. If only there was a way to know how big of an impact all these “great ideas” actually have on student learning! Oh, wait! There is a way.

5 Shockingly Simple Ways to Motivate Students at the Secondary Level

Have you ever experienced how your student’s level of motivation impacts your own motivation? To keep everyone’s motivation levels WAY UP, check out these 5 motivation tools specific for secondary students of all subject areas.

Liesl McConchie bases her teacher training on a deep understanding of the underlying, research-based principles of really good teaching.

Teachers in her course will learn about them, and they will at the same time experience hands on an extended catalogue of strategies, ready to implement directly into their own classrooms – tightly related to and aiming to achieve those overarching principles.

As a teacher, I have been in Liesl’s teacher training several times and in my current position as a leader of pedagogy, I am working with Liesl to accomplish 3 weeks of training each year for all the teachers at the school as a platform for pedagogical development.

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