Math with Me in Mind

A math intervention program centering students’ math identity.


A holistic math intervention program.

Math with Me in Mind is an innovative middle school curriculum that builds students’ math skills while fostering a positive relationship with math. Each lesson is structured to shift the way your students think about math and themselves as a math person. The six unique elements of each lesson have been designed with current research on learning to increase engagement, belonging, joy, and deep conceptual comprehension.
The curriculum is currently available in two different topic modules, each includes 12 two-hour lessons. Stay tuned, there are two additional modules coming soon!

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6 Elements of Every
Math with Me in Mind Lesson

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Module A: Single-Digit Multiplication and Division

Module B: Single and Multi-Digit Multiplication and Division

Module C: Fractions and Decimals (Coming soon!)

Module D: Integer Operations (Coming soon!)

Core Values

Student Identity

We invest time daily to heal and build a positive math identity.


We introduce students to role models whose culture matches their own so they see themselves in math spaces. 


We take a joyful approach to exploring and discovering math.


We learn, play, and work together with peers.


We place the student at the center of all planning and facilitating. We follow their lead to know when to slow down, speed up, or try a different approach.


We uphold high expectations for all students and believe all students are capable of experiencing challenging math content.


We value deep conceptual understanding and avoid the use and teaching of “tricks”.


We create space for students to think freely and be curious about how things work in a mathematical world.


These principles are NOT aligned with the mission of the Math With Me in Mind program. Therefore, they are not part of this program.
Please reach out if you’d like a better understanding of why these values or practices were omitted.


The Math with Me in Mind program promotes automaticity of math facts; however, it does not value student-to-student competition based on who is the fastest. There are no activities in this program that promote speed.

Timed Math Tests

The Math with Me in Mind program promotes math facts fluency; however, it does not employ the often anxiety-inducing practice of timed tests.


The Math with Me in Mind program values conceptual understanding; therefore, it does not promote or teach tricks or algorithms. Instead, it uses our current understanding of how the brain learns best.


The Math with Me in Mind program promotes deliberate practice; however, it utilizes play and active learning to gain the needed practice. There are no worksheets or packets in this program.


As a student-centered program, we believe sense-making is individualized. The Math with Me in Mind program aims to provide multiple ways of understanding and allowing space for students to find the way that best makes sense for them.


The Math with Me in Mind program provides a pre- and post-test that is solely meant to be used to inform instruction. We aim to foster an intrinsic curiosity and a love for learning math; therefore, there are no grading or reward structures.

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Module A

Single-Digit Multiplication and Division

Module B

Single and Multi-Digit Multiplication and Division

Module C

Fractions and Decimals

Module D

Integer Operations

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Additional Training Options (highly recommended)

2-Hour Training – The science and art of implementing Math With me in Mind $1500

4-Hour Training – Also includes a full lesson modeled for your staff $3,000

Math Identity-Only Curriculum

Dive into creating a more inclusive and confident math class for any math level. This special edition curriculum is the heart of the Math with Me in Mind program designed to help students develop a positive relationship with math. It includes the well-loved Math Identity and Belonging Bios lessons.

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What else should I know about Math with Me in Mind?

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