The Brain Science of Building a Positive Math Identity

A student’s emotional relationship with math is foundational to their cognitive relationship with math. When it comes to fostering a positive math identity for our students, it’s time to shift from “I know it’s important” to “I know how to do this.”

Watch this 60 minute webinar packed with the science and strategies you need to help your students build a positive relationship with math.

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    You can count on me to do what I do best – translate all the relevant research to you in a way that makes sense to an educator. And, provide practical tools and activities you can use immediately in your classroom.

    I’ve spent years digging deep into the research. Here’s what it is saying – there are four main factors that impact students’ math identity. I love that the math ed community is giving focus to math identity, but most of the chatter is missing 75% of what makes up a students’ math identity.

    This work is too important to not get it right. Download this webinar now!