Math Mastery in Under 60 Seconds

There are certain habits that, when implemented by a math teacher, will consistently create near-miraculous results for students and their learning.

This workshop answers the question, “How do I make the biggest shift in my math students with the limited time I have available?” This fast-moving, engaging workshop will transform your secondary math teaching staff as they learn the most critical habits that create lasting change in students’ brains. 

In this workshop, secondary math teachers will learn six powerful, evidence-based habits they can implement in their teaching immediately and see results just as fast. Each habit is based on the science of how the brain best learns and will boost students’ cognitive capacities in math class. These daily tools are easy-to-implement and each one has rich research to support its validity and results. Here are just some of the results you can expect to see when your teachers initiate these habits:

  • More motivated math students
  • Students with greater attention and focus capacity
  • Better student attitude toward math
  • Less disruptive classroom behaviors
  • Students who are more willing to seek out and ask for help with math
  • Greater student engagement toward math
  • Improved retention and recall of math skills

Becoming a masterful math teacher doesn’t require abandoning what has been working well for your teachers in the past. With a few new habits that can be accomplished in less than 60 seconds, all the key factors that lead to better math scores can be in place. It’s all about knowing what matters most when working with math students, and utilizing your time best.

Everyone, whether they are in education field or not, should attend this workshop. It transforms yourself to a better, positive, motivated one. By that, everyone around you will benefit from it. It will change the world.
Hiyori M.
I would highly recommend this training. You get so many immediate takeaways. You get energized and motivated. Liesl is an amazing speaker with a wealth of knowledge.
Cheryl G.
Your training was not only informational, but engaging, creative, and inspiring. Your style of presenting modeled the interventions you are recommending. I am leaving empowered and hopeful from your training. Thank you!
Cristal R.